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What is Core Python Programming?

Core Python Programming originally started out as a "topic plus examples" book. A few months into it, I realized that there it needed to be more than just that. The intended audience: technical people with experience in at least one other high-level programming or scripting language. Believe it or not, that covers a wide range of skills and experience. I had to make sure that the text was friendly to both the intermediate Python developer without getting too bored but was also able to reach out to the newbie techie without omitting too much detail.

Whether you're a fresh to the computer world or a seasoned engineer interested in more intermediate topics of Python (such as regular expressions, network programming, GUI development with Tkinter, Web/CGI programming, or how to extend Python using C), then you have the right book. The first part gives you the low-down on the "core" part of the language. Once you know what Python is, Part 2 shows you how to apply your newfound knowledge (all the topics mentioned above). I hope that you get a lot of mileage out of it, and I would love to hear your experiences, good and bad -- just click on the Give Feedback link to the left!



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